After the Pet Euthanasia

Your pet will die while the euthanasia injection is being administered or shortly afterwards. The veterinarian may use a stethoscope after completing the euthanasia injection and will let you know when your pet’s heartbeat is no longer detectable. In most cases you will already know that your pet has died.

After death, the pet may urinate, defecate, twitch, or even take a breath. He will not be aware of any of this. Your pet’s eyes will most likely remain open. The body is then positioned and prepared for viewing and/or transport. After care decisions are made by the pet parents. If requested, Compassionate Veterinary Hospice Staff can assist in transporting the deceased pet to the pet cemetery for cremation or burial.

When asked to transport the euthanized pet, our staff will wait so the family has time to say last goodbyes. If the family wishes for the deceased pet to stay for a longer period of time, arrangements can also be made for the pet to be transported away from home later. Such an extended stay can serve as an informal wake for your pet and may be helpful for human and animal family members’ grieving process.