Pet Euthanasia

Compassionate Veterinary Hospice offers peaceful and respectful euthanasia for beloved pets

Euthanasia is necessary when it is the only way to end to your pet’s extreme, overwhelming or prolonged suffering. Euthanasia may also be considered as a way to prevent your pet from getting to the point of experiencing extreme or overwhelming suffering.

Your pet is an important part of your family and may have been with you through good and bad times. Making a decision to end his or her life is heartbreaking, but can be your last gift of love if your pet’s quality of life has declined to a point where little or nothing is left but pain and suffering.

What Happens During A Euthanasia Procedure?

At Compassionate Veterinary Hospice, we think of euthanasia as an important event, not just a medical procedure. We strive to make it as peaceful and positive an experience as possible. Our experienced staff is available to provide information and answer all your questions about euthanasia over the phone ahead of time.