Hospice Level IV

Hospice Level IV- Palliative Care Plan

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Compassionate Veterinary Hospice

It has been recommended by your nurse and Dr. Shanan, that your pet be placed on the Hospice Level IV – Palliative Care Plan.

What this plan includes:

One Telehealth Recheck Exam/Month
30 minute virtual discussion : we can discuss any issues you would like to address, as well as doing a virtual assessment (movement, appearance, examination) of your pet

One Telehealth Progress Checks/Month
15-20 minute virtual discussions: we can discuss medications, comfort, questions, etc.

Benefits of being enrolled in Hospice Care Plan:

24 hour Medical Emergency access to the on-call Veterinarian

After Hours Euthanasia Administration

Increased communication with our medical staff

More personal care and attention for you and your pet

The price of this plan is $69 per month ($80 value) and will automatically be billed to your on-file preferred payment method on the same day every month.

Unused services in the monthly billing cycle will only be refunded in the event of a pet’s passing.

Appointments included in the plan that are not completed within each month cannot rollover to the next month.

Plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled by the end of any monthly billing cycle.

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