How Does It Work?

How Does Veterinary Hospice Work?

Hospice care for a pet starts when a veterinarian or the pet’s family recognizes that the pet is seriously ill and that maintaining comfort should be a higher priority than further attempts to cure. Considering hospice care will come as a relief to some pet parents who have accepted the shortened life span of their pet. Others may not yet be ready to face the sad reality or give up hope for a cure.

  • We provide guidance when it’s time to choose between ever intensifying medical treatment, hospice care or euthanasia for your pet. Dr. Shanan and the kind staff at Compassionate Veterinary Hospice will help you thoroughly explore all the options available for keeping your pet as comfortable as possible. You’ll have the time you need to think about the options and discuss them with family members before making your decisions.
  • An individualized treatment plan is developed jointly by the Compassionate Veterinary Hospice and the pet’s parents. We recommend techniques for increasing pets’ comfort, how to recognize signs of pain, what side effects to expect, and what changes to anticipate as the patient’s condition declines.
  • Our team provides grief education and emotional support for the pet’s parents.   We offer basic information on the normal manifestations of grief. We  listen to and validate pet parents’ feelings, and empower them to make decisions they will see afterwards as the best ones they could have made. We address ethical and spiritual aspects of making end-of-life decisions, and make referrals to other professionals as needed.