About Hospice Care

About Veterinary Hospice

The Goals Of Our Hospice Program Are To:

  • Focus on the pet’s quality of life;
  • Provide an extensive range of veterinary services, offered primarily in your home, that minimize the suffering of pets during the end stages of their lives; and
  • Provide information and support that minimize the suffering experienced by these pets’ parents and families.

At Compassionate Veterinary Hospice, We Strive To:

  • Minimize Patient Suffering.  Our veterinary hospice team will provide at home medical comfort care and pain management expertise to your pet.  We are available 24/7 for established clients, to answer your questions and to assist with your pet’s medical care.
  • Minimize pet parent/family suffering.  We give your family the emotional support needed to cope with the impending loss of your companion animal.  We are available 24/7 to make sure you are not alone with your struggle.  We provide end of life consultations, in-home services and grief support.  We offer understanding and compassion, we are there when you need a supporting hand or a listening ear, and we can refer you to professional help when needed.
  • Chart the path of least regrets. Our hospice programs help you and your pet enjoy precious quality time together.  With our care, you and your pet will spend the last days of life in peaceful, familiar surroundings, and make the best of the precious time you have together. Our guidance will  help you and your family prepare for your grief journey.
  • Create a profound and beautiful end-of-life experience.  We offer supportive care during the last hours of your pet’s life to ensure a peaceful, dignified and supported passing.
  • Create meaningful and positive lasting memories. We work with you and your family to create meaningful memories and one-of-a-kind tributes to honor the story of the life that you and your pet have shared. We offer personalized, non-denominational “Celebration of Life Memorial Services” to fit your needs and preferences. Our catalog features unique memorialization products from urns, keepsake boxes and shadow boxes to jewelry, glass art and other specialty items.