Pet Arthritis

Compassionate Veterinary Hospice Celebrates National Arthritis Month

Does your dog or cat show the symptoms of arthritis? Arthritis is joint inflammation. Joints are body structures connecting two bones yet allowing motion, like the hip, shoulder, elbow, etc. The main symptom of arthritis is pain.
To reduce the pain, which may be intermittent or continuous, animals with arthritis sometimes move about gingerly, walk instead of running, take short strides instead of long ones, avoid going up or down stairs, avoid high jumps, or just take a long time to either lay down or get up. All of these changes tell us the same thing: somewhere in the animal’s body, something – a joint – is hurting!!!

The majority of our older pets are afflicted with osteoarthritis pain. Unfortunately, most of them don’t get any of the treatments currently available to relieve their pain. WHY???

The main reason is most pet parents don’t recognize the changes in their pets described above as signs of pain. We tell ourselves: “she’s just getting old” or “he’s slowing down”. Then, one day we’re surprised old Buddy can’t sleep well at night, or refuses to eat, or urinates or defecates in the house because “he didn’t make it to the door”, or just can’t get up at all – things that happen when pets experience more severe arthritis pain. When this happens – does it mean euthanasia is the only alternative to your pet living in misery?

That is what Hank’s loving pet parent thought in the spring of 2012, when she called for Dr. Shanan to assess her previously proud and playful 13 years old, 80 lbs. Boxer. But when Dr. Shanan arrived for the visit, Hank got up to greet him. A quick assessment of Hank’s multiple issues suggested that there are treatments which may improve his quality of life. Hank’s owner decided to give it a try. She enlisted Compassionate Veterinary Hospice nursing specialist Tracy to help with some of Hank’s care. Dr. Shanan prescribed for him a combination of 3 arthritis pain medications. Hank responded well and today, over a year later, Hank walks outside on his own, sometimes running and playing. He eats I/D and chicken with carrots, and is very socially engaging.

He is still doing great!!!

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