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We are here to help. We offer our COMPASS Consultations to concerned pet parents all across the United States.   During a 60 minute telehealth visit with Dr. Shanan, you can discuss all of your concerns and any aspect of end-of-life-care with him, including:

  • Discussion regarding your pet’s current health conditions and your concerns regarding his or her medical health
  • What behaviors might indicate pain, discomfort, anxiety, or distress
  • When is the “right time” to euthanize? (Does “THE right time” exist?)
  • Quality of Life – what truly makes life worth living for your pet?
  • Assisting your pet to navigate daily life with terminal illness
  • Nutritional consultations for pets with poor appetite or special needs
  • How does a pet show us his or her quality of life?
  • How does a pet demonstrate his or her will to live?
  • Review of current treatment plan from a different point of view, based on 25 years of end of life care focus
  • Family grief support, helping children cope with loss, and resources for continued support

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