Established Client Perks

Our team can make a tremendous difference: by addressing confusion, angst, anguish, and even despair — and guiding you into confidence, acceptance and peace of mind.


Once your pet is an established patient of compassionate veterinary Care:

We listen to you, so we can understand your unique emotional and spiritual needs. We are “on your team”: we guide you in making the best decisions – the ones that take you down the “path of least regrets” to minimize the risk of long-term suffering from unresolved grief.

We consider your pet’s behavior “a language”. We listen to our patients and treat them with the utmost respect deserved by vulnerable sentient beings with individual needs and preferences. Your pet’s comfort is as important to us as it is to you.

You’re never alone when we are on your team: We help you address concerns and cope with stressful moments by offering guidance over the phone or by email.

When necessary, we’ll guide you to seek in-person care. In case of crisis, our veterinarians are available 24/7 to intervene.